For 33 years we have been providing
voice and video solutions in Nebraska.

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911 Emergency Call & Dispatch Recording

Make your 911 center ‘Next Gen ready!’

You can record cellphone calls, videos, e-mails and pictures and review them in multimedia synchronized playback.

Emergency Call
Dictation / Transcription

Winscribe and Olympus are the #1 choice of hospitals and clinics worldwide!

Dictate from anywhere (even a smart phone). Winscribe will interface with any EMR system.

The Guardian Interview Recording System

The Guardian Video Interview Recorder records and documents custodial interviews, capturing interview audio, video and notes for police and law enforcement agencies.

Courtroom & Conference Recording System

FTR is the industry leader and #1 Electronic Court Room recorder in the world!


About Us

Bob Carmichael

Bob Carmichael

Carmichael Business Systems was established in 1982 by Bob Carmichael. Over the years, the business has evolved from a business selling and repairing analog dictation equipment to selling specialized recording equipment to a variety of business sectors.

He and his staff can provide solutions to move your company into the next generation of recording. Whether you are a Hospital, Doctor’s office, Attorney, Court Reporter or 911 Center we can offer you a recording solution. Let us put our experience and expertise to work to help you find the right recording solution for you.