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911 Emergency Call & Dispatch Recording

Make your 911 center ‘Next Gen ready!’

You can record cellphone calls, videos, e-mails and pictures and review them in multimedia synchronized playback.

Emergency Call
Dictation / Transcription

Winscribe and Olympus are the #1 choice of hospitals and clinics worldwide!

Dictate from anywhere (even a smart phone). Winscribe will interface with any EMR system.

The Guardian Interview Recording System

The Guardian Video Interview Recorder records and documents custodial interviews, capturing interview audio, video and notes for police and law enforcement agencies.

Courtroom & Conference Recording System

FTR is the industry leader and #1 Electronic Court Room recorder in the world!


911 Emergency Call & Dispatch Recording

Carmichael Business Systems is proud to represent three companies that manufacture Emergency Call Recording equipment.


Eventide ‘s NexLog mission-critical communications logging systems reliably capture, store, protect, reproduce, and help you manage important interactions and critical data. NexLog logging systems have been designed to help you securely document and retrieve incidents, comply with regulations, and improve your facility’s operations.

Eventide NexLog communications logging systems offer outstanding flexibility and ease of use, with a choice of advanced capability remote software or convenient touch-screen front panel operation. Call records are stored in a state-of-the-art SQL relational database, and NexLog logging systems feature an embedded Linux operating system for maximum reliability and compatibility with your existing Windows infrastructure.

Recording Capabilities

NexLog Communications Logging Recorders have been designed to provide full-time recording for compliance needs, as well as distributed recording for agencies and enterprises with multiple sites. NexLog loggers can record digital PBX telephones, VoIP telephones, analog telephones, analog C.O. lines, CAMA trunks, analog radio audio, T1 & E1 trunks, ISDN-PRI trunks, ISDN30 trunks, SIP trunks, IP-dispatch consoles (AVTEC, Telex, Zetron, and others), Radio over IP (RoIP), trunked and conventional 2-way radio, Motorola ASTRO 25 radio with AIS, EFJohnson P25 radio, PC Screens, and more.

NG9-1-1 Capabilities

NexLog communications logging systems have been designed to conform to the NENA i3 standard for recording of NG9-1-1 primary interactions via the SIPREC method. The resulting recordings are immediately available for replay, instant recall, forensic research, incident management, burn-to-CD/DVD/Blu-ray, email, and export. NexLog logging systems also support a standards-conformant event logging web service that allows other NG9-1-1 subsystems (functional elements) to deposit and retrieve interaction-related data.

P25 Radio Recording

NexLog communications logging systems support the recording of P25 Trunked and P25 Conventional radio traffic. An integrated recording solution is available for Motorola’s ASTRO 25 system equipped with Archive Interface Server (AIS).  In addition, NexLog recorders optionally support call recording for the EF Johnson ATLAS P25 radio system.

Resilience Features

Eventide NexLog communications loggers offer multiple levels of resilience, including redundant power supplies, redundant hard disk drives (with choices of RAID levels 1, 5, or 10 or SAN connectivity), redundant network capability (via NIC bonding), and multiple choices for archive redundancy and network-based archive storage. The NexLog 840 logger is equipped with dual hot-swap load-sharing 120/240 VAC power supplies.

Incident Replay and Management Features

Eventide’s MediaWorks Plus browser-based software provides enhanced recording management capabilities including flexible search, multiple-call replay, graphical time-line with pan/zoom, variable-speed replay, incident management tabs, audio redaction, audio waveforms, talking time/date, call protection, burning of calls or incidents to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, export or email incident, live monitor and instant recall.

Geo-Location Display and Search Capabilities

Eventide’s MediaWorks Plus software can optionally display (via Google Maps) the location of wireless 9-1-1 calls, based on lattitude and longitude data that is delivered from the 9-1-1 system’s ANI/ALI CAD Spill.   MediaWorks Plussoftware with this optional geo-location capability also permits convenient map-based searching for wireless 9-1-1 calls, based on a user-defined “geo-fence”.

Red Box Recorders concentrates on digital recording – voice recording and data capture, storage, retrieval and analysis.

We offer a varied range of products that are easy to install, manage and maintain. These meet all kinds of organizations’ needs for mission-critical recording – such as compliance, legal disclosure, quality management or improving service delivery.

Our products are used in highly focused market solutions, mainly for the emergency services, financial institutions and contact centers. Whether you’re looking for an individual product such as Wordnet™ or a complete solution, you benefit from services that extend from initial consultation through to maintenance and support – all provided by experts.

Our roots lie with the emergency services. The Red Box solution enables emergency services to meet their operational needs, not least because it is the most reliable, resilient system available. It enables you to maintain total recording across all communications, with instant replay for caller detail verification and fast evidence output and distribution.

Our solution not only records all communications – telephony, radio, Airwave and IP devices; it integrates with command and control systems (ICCS) to offer additional details relating to radio ID, talk groups and full ISSI information. Optional integration is also available with your CAD system to incorporate incident numbers directly with each recording.

Includes screen-based recording
The Red Box solution also captures and stores screen-based information, from CAD and mapping to CCTV feeds. You benefit from a solid, robust solution that is always instantly accessible and retains records automatically in line with operational needs. With a fully-integrated performance and quality evaluation suite, the solution can expand to help deliver operational evidence for HMIC and call handling standards as well as to support operational processes such as complaints, training and accreditation.
Moreover, you can have all this in a package unrivalled for its small physical size, ease of administration and access, and low cost of ownership.

Our solution is designed with your operational needs firmly in mind. Meeting compliance is key, with:

  • Total recording of all communications
  • 99.999% uptime
  • A converged solution that offers telephony, radio and IP recording in a single server
  • The ability to comply with disclosure and FOI policies with automated storage retention rules
  • Truly future-proof – hardware-independent software based solution
  • IT-compliant technology that allows scalability, roll-out and resilience for any infrastructure
  • Peace of mind delivered by proven reliability and performance
  • A total answer for evidence, disclosure, instant verification and performance management
  • Integration with ICCS and CAD for better operational effectiveness

A wide range of services
The solution is backed by specialist Red Box services including recording consultancy, solution definition, installation, training, support, maintenance, upgrades, enhancements, relocation, customization, integration, project management, system health checks and more.

Nice Systems is a leading global provider of 911 dispatch recording equipment. Nice has more than 80% of the public safety market here in the United States. They have developed INFORM, revolutionary software that moves 911 centers into the next generation of recording equipment.

Nice serves over 25,000 organizations in 150 countries including 80 of the Fortune 100 companies.
NICE Systems audio recording solutions assist emergency service providers (Police, Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Services), air traffic control and transportation operators to ensure the public’s safety. With a complete range of solutions, NICE provides the tools to effectively face the inherent challenges associated with managing and acting upon multimedia incident information in real time and post event. Many of the world’s largest public safety organizations rely on NICE solutions to help them deliver the most effective response and the highest levels of service.

Next Gen-Ready Right Now

In the not-too-distant future, emergency calls will come in the form of data: VoIP, real-time text messages, wireless emergency calls accompanied by camera-phone pictures or streaming video, automatic crash notifications and more. How will you capture and manage these next generation emergency communications? Look to NICE to get next gen-ready today.

A leader in public safety technology, NICE Systems can help you get ready for the next generation of emergency communications. The flagship incident information management system, NICE Inform, is next gen-ready right now. It can reconstruct emergency calls and events using voice, video, text, data or any other type of media incident information that may come in today. Plus, its open architecture and integration capabilities mean it can seamlessly support any current or future media formats and standards— text messaging (SMS), multimedia messaging (MMS), video.

Unlike traditional voice-only recording systems, NICE Inform bridges your many data repositories and public safety systems— including voice, video, geographic information systems (GIS) and computer aided dispatch (CAD)— to enable you to connect captured event media and reconstruct incidents as they occurred with a 360-degree view.

NICE is a member of NENA’s (National Emergency Number Association) Next Generation Partners Program, an expert forum supporting the progress towards the Next Generation 9-1-1. NICE is an active participant in the planning of NENA NG9-1-1 Industry Collaboration Events which focuses on interoperability testing.

The entire suite of NICE Public Safety Solutions is architected to be open, modular, flexible and adaptable. They work with your existing radio, CAD, GIS and other emergency communications systems today and will integrate with next gen technologies as they come along tomorrow. Furthermore, our network-centric design provides a foundation for a seamless migration to next gen IP networks.

NICE Systems features:

NICE Inform
Incident information monitoring and management in any media

Audio and Call Recording/Logging
Audio recording for public safety operations of any size

Trunked Radio Recording
Digitally recorded radio, right from the network

Storage Center
Captured interactions, centrally managed and securely stored

Last Message Replay
Instant call detail verification