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911 Emergency Call & Dispatch Recording

Make your 911 center ‘Next Gen ready!’

You can record cellphone calls, videos, e-mails and pictures and review them in multimedia synchronized playback.

Emergency Call
Dictation / Transcription

Winscribe and Olympus are the #1 choice of hospitals and clinics worldwide!

Dictate from anywhere (even a smart phone). Winscribe will interface with any EMR system.

The Guardian Interview Recording System

The Guardian Video Interview Recorder records and documents custodial interviews, capturing interview audio, video and notes for police and law enforcement agencies.

Courtroom & Conference Recording System

FTR is the industry leader and #1 Electronic Court Room recorder in the world!


Now offering the Guardian Interview Recording System…


Key Features of the Guardian interview recording system are:

·         Ability to have a mix of analog and IP sources together on one capture system

·         Video recorded in Standard MPEG-4 or H.264 MPEG-4 for better cross platform compatibility and less storage space requirement.

·         No need for external devices such as picture in picture, date time titlers or video distribution amps. All picture in picture, date time titling, video splitting and IP PTZ control is accomplished through the software interface.

·         Live monitoring using Windows streaming media for remote monitoring of live interviews.

·         Departmental control standard with the ability to use active directory integration as well.

·         Ability to have a watermark logo embedded in the captured video.

·         Live notes with the ability to show the notes on screen.  Notes also serve as bookmarks when playing back later on.

·         Network backup is a standard feature, larger installations may use an enterprise solution for a unified playback and storage location.

·         Ability to play back and export videos from any network connected windows computer.

·         Remote start ready using contact closure that can be placed anywhere to make starting and stopping recordings as simple as the flip of the switch and includes an LED light confirmation of recording

More information regarding Guardian can be found here


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